Anderson Park, Napier birds

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Anderson Park, Napier birds

Postby FlyingKiwiGirl » Mon Jun 25, 2018 2:27 pm

I'm back in Napier at the moment and walking around the park on a regular basis. Back in late February when I was here I saw a Australian coot family with 2 very young chicks (looked like they had just hatched), I know a family was reported at the same time last year as well. Yesterday I counted 7 coots, 5 on the main pond and 2 on the model boat pond. Space might be at a premium for them because I watched three separate instances of a coot being chased by another (perhaps, either a chick being told to depart or an intruder in their patch).

I was also pleased to see two pair of dab-chicks (on main pond) and a singleton on the boat pond. I've visited Anderson Park many times over the years (used to live in Napier, now visit family who live nearby) and I don't ever recall seeing dab chicks.

So far (3 visits), I've only seen one of the plumed-whistling ducks, although I suspect the other one is on the island, I'm sure I heard it whistling.
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