Glossy Ibis, Hauraki

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Re: Glossy Ibis, Hauraki

Postby Les Feasey » Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:02 pm

The cattle egret were in the NW paddocks with cattle. As I trudged along, not expecting too much, I clumsily put them up and they flew towards the houses by the road - with the Glossy Glossy Ibis. Surprise surprise! I picked it out there with the cattle then txt'd Russ and Dave. Periodically lost it in a swale, then found it again when the cattle egret congregated on and around a water trough. Then the farmer entered the field and put them up again and they flew to the pig ponds. The egret circled around, didn't land, but left the Glossy Ibis there and they roosted in a tree in the middle of the farm. About then Dave arrived and drove over to where I was searching the pig ponds. With additional elevation from the tray of his Land Cruiser he picked it out and we had good views from 9:15am - 9:45am when we got hungry and went to Melbourne Cafe in Thames for breakfast. Fourth time lucky. Thanks for all your good tips, guys, and your map, Oscar. This place is a surprise.
There were 6 pigs there, plus Black Swans, Shoveler, Pied Stilt, Grey Teal, mallards, and Pukeko.
Phil, you were right about the high tide, the mud paddocks were a pond this morning. About 3:15pm yesterday afternoon or 0.75 tide there were Spoonbill, SIPO, Spur-winged Plover, a huge flock Pied Stilt, a Marsh Sandpiper (picked out by Ian Southey and Gillian, there were a mob of us), and White-faced Heron. Nothing except the resident Spoonbill and a few Pied Stilt and ducks this morning, and the mists rising from the river.
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