Mystery Bird #6 - The answer

Monthly challenge to test and improve your bird identification skills.
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Mystery Bird #6 - The answer

Postby sav » Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:17 am

Apologies for the late answer, but have been busy seeing Magenta Petrel in Chathams!!

Anyway, most of you got to the right answer on your own. It sort of had to be a sea-bird of some description, and most of you thought it was a Penguin. The commonest of our Penguins - Little Blue / Little / Blue is the correct answer.

Bad luck Ross!! You cant keep this up much longer. Thank goodness your field ID is so much better!!

Merry Christmas everyone. Here's to a birdy New Year. Take it easy

Sav Saville
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Re: Mystery Bird #6 - The answer

Postby Neil Fitzgerald » Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:12 pm

This was a pair of penguins under a rock on Korapuki Island, Mercury Islands, in October 2010. It was a very calm night, with barely a ripple on the sea just a few metres away, allowing some beautiful clear recordings.

Relatively few answers, but high proportion correct. Does this indicate that you either know a call or you don't, and unlike identifying by sight there is some reluctance to guess or lack of resources to help with the ID? Interesting.

Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone who gave it a go.


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