Shorebird Quiz!

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Jim Kirker
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Re: Shorebird Quiz!

Postby Jim Kirker » Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:56 pm

A good way to learn fast and revise. Thanks everyone for sharing expertise.
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Re: Shorebird Quiz!

Postby RussCannings » Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:35 pm

Still some birds left to find! Sorry that I haven't b3en able to post an update for a bit. AC is very close but to my knowledge there are no Orientals in the photo. There are also 2 extra calidris type sandpiper species visible, one I think is very gettable with the other being possible but hard (it's sleeping). I promise there are no Little Stints!

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Re: Shorebird Quiz!

Postby RussCannings » Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:27 pm

Completely forgot to post the answers! Thanks all for taking part in the fun. A few of you finally got the right combo so well done. While it was a toughie I think all but perhaps 2 were safely identifiable in this photo, with the others still doable.

So here is the list:

1. Bar-tailed Godwit (Single bird indicated by the purple circle)
2. Grey-tailed Tattler (White circle)
3. Ruddy Turnstone (Orange circle)
4. Red-necked Stint (Most numerous bird in the photo--all the small guys)
5. Greater Sand-Plover (Virtually all of the plovers pictured; showing a variety of bill and body sizes. This species outnumbered Lesser roughly 10:1 at this site)
6. Lesser Sand-Plover (Not 100% confident, but there are some good candidates in the front including the bird indicated by blue/white circle. These guys typically have shorter bill, shorter legs, and slighter overall)
7. Curlew Sandpiper (Red circle)
8. Terek Sandpiper (At least 5 in the photo--yellow circles)
9. Broad-billed Sandpiper (At least one in the photo--green/red circle. Note taller build than stint, but smaller and more richly marked on mantle than curlew sandpiper. Facial pattern also visible though less clear in lower res version posted on the site).
quiz answers.PNG
quiz answers.PNG (1.8 MiB) Viewed 398 times

Happy shorebirding all! I wonder what you all will turn up this summer?

Russ C
Cambridge, NZ

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