How can we save the rooks.

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Re: How can we save the rooks.

Postby bruce.shanks » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:45 pm

The notion that Rooks are extinct in the North Island is erroneous. I have seen them in the last few years at Cambridge, and between Waitakaruru and Miranda.

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Re: How can we save the rooks.

Postby Jake » Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:50 pm

And I've routinely seen rooks in Central Hawkes Bay and in Tararua. There was even one towards Himatangi last year. I'm not saying that there's a good number, but they're around. I'm not seeing the big flocks anywhere, like there were 20 years ago, just singles, pairs or small groups.

I see rosellas mentioned as a dangerous bird; what damage/risks are we seeing with them? I don't think they compete with kakariki; kakariki seem to have PBFD antibodies already; they don't do much damage to crops; they're not going to hybridise with anything - I'm not seeing much reason to be bringing them into this
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Re: How can we save the rooks.

Postby Jim_j » Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:22 pm

Rosellas certainly cause crop damage - I know a guy in the Hutt that" controls" them around his fruit trees - kakariki are in such low numbers that it is difficult to tell if there is any impact - there must be some competition for next holes?
My concern is more around future impacts - r/c parakeet would I suspect do well in open & lightly forested country (ie most of rural NZ) in the absence of stoats/rates etc.
However if rosella have already taken this niche - is there going to be room for both species?
Although in saying that they seem to be doing very well round Zealandia where there was a small population of rosella.

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Re: How can we save the rooks.

Postby TedHoward-Huttons » Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:33 am

I lived in Waitakaruru for 34 years prior to moving to Kaikoura 20 years ago, and saw a lot of rooks. About 25 years ago a major effort by locals to eradicate them thinned their numbers considerably in the hills behind Miranda (their biggest rookery).

Last year in Kaikoura I saw a lone rook about 20 times, usually at first light. It wouldn't let me within 200m of it. Haven't seen any this year.

I am not in favour of introducing and allowing any threat to native species, and rooks are certainly that - they are very smart predators, and can easily exterminate other species when in large numbers and hungry enough.

And as others have mentioned, other predators are higher priority - depending on species, but my list in priority order would go something like:
rats, hedgehogs, stoats, weasels, cats, ferrets, dogs, pigs, mice, and a long list follows.
For our ground nesting birds, hedgehogs are number 1, with cats a coming next - and cats probably being worse for the colonial species - particularly terns (which cats show a clear preference for over gulls). For our burrowing birds, it is almost certainly pigs that are the major problem - though mustelids and rats are also problematic.

If I had a chance to easily eradicate rooks, I would most certainly take it.

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