Predatory black swans...

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Re: Predatory black swans...

Postby andrewcrossland » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:40 pm

It's funny how people are so intolerant of bird species that they believe are taking more of a resource than is its fair share - be it swans eating flounder, canada geese and paradise shelduck eating grass, cormorants eating trout, kingfishers eating monarch butterflies, pukeko eating cauliflowers, harriers scavenging dead lambs, spur-winged plovers dive-bombing farmers, magpies dive-bombing cyclists, gulls stealing fish n chips, etc. However on the other hand there's this big pest free 2050 movement hoping to bring back native birds to much higher levels of abundance. Recently one of the organisers of the 2050 thing in Canterbury was quoted as saying that all the peri-urban citizen pest control could bring back tui, kaka and kakariki. That's great but when this happens will other citizens then demand that the parrots and parakeets are shot and poisoned just as they were 150 years ago when they last came to visit gardens and orchards?

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