Moa Skeleton Displays

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Moa Skeleton Displays

Postby jgolden » Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:02 pm

Given that you can't just go out into the bush and find moa, alternatively they can still be sought after in museums. I recently reviewed my photos from NZ museum visits over the last few years and found that seeking out every species is a bit of a chore. Below is a list of moa species and where I've seen them:

Little Bush Moa (Anomalopteryx didiformis).....Otago Museum, Kiwi North
So Island Giant Moa (Dinornis robustus)..........Canterbury Museum, Auckland War Museum, Otago Museum
Large Bush Moa (Dinornis novaezelandiae).......Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre
Eastern Moa (Emeus crassus).......................Southland Museum, Otago Museum
Coastal/Stout-legged Moa (Euryapteryx curtus)
Upland Moa (Megalapteryx didinus)................Auckland War Museum, Te Papa, Otago Museum
Crested Moa (Pachyornis australis)
Mantell's Moa (Pachyornis geranoides).............Auckland War Museum, Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre
Heavy-footed Moa (Pachyornis elephantopus).....Auckland War Museum, Otago Museum

I'm still missing the Coastal and Crested Moa. Does anyone know where their skeletons might be on display?
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Re: Moa Skeleton Displays

Postby CMKMStephens » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:10 pm

Ngārua caves has some Crested Moa bits and a Little Bush Moa. There's also a big crested moa out the front:

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