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Pelagic trips and other events

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 12:59 pm
by Neil Fitzgerald
I recently moved several threads organizing pelagic rips and other events to the Events forum, as that is what that section was intended for. It's great to see the cost-share trips getting out to new places and I want to make sure these things still get as much visibility as possible so they are successful. Where to put them is a bit of a trade off though — they can get lost among the general questions and observations, but other people don't visit the Events section. The chicken and egg problem also means that people don't go there if no one posts there, and people don't post there if no one visits.
Please post about future events in the Birding Events section from now.

What I've done is move the Events forum up the main page so it is more visible.
You can easily see if there is a new post in that section by the red icon on the main page.
If you are one who forgets to visit but might be interested in a trip or other event, you can subscribe to the forum (link right down near the bottom of the page) so that you get a notification or email (depending on how you have things set in your user control panel) whenever there is a new post there.
As always I'm open to suggestions on how to make things more useful. Having a calendar of upcoming events has been suggested. It's not a core feature of the board but I will investigate it (after I finish the required site upgrades).