Beach Wreck ID assistance, please

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Pat Miller
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Re: Beach Wreck ID assistance, please

Postby Pat Miller » Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:39 am

The bill looks too long for a Pycrofts. I'd opt for Cooks Petrel. Threeps, a Blue Petrel has a very distinctive white band on the tip of the tail about a centimetre or so wide. Cooks petrel has a large gap between the nostrils and the start of the hook on the upper part of the bill and in a Pycrofts the same part is much shorter. Your bird Threeps appears to have the long gap and the bill is longer than a Pycrofts. What is visible of the underside is white and the dark plumage on the belly of a Mottled Petrel I think would show a little bit beyond the leading edge of the wing in your photo. A Mottled Petrel has a more robust chunky bill too - I think you can eliminate that even without turning it over.
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Re: Beach Wreck ID assistance, please

Postby Threeps » Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:05 am

Thanks, Pat.
I have very little experience with any of these petrels so I have no personal experience with which to compare them. The advice and suggestions from you and the rest of the team here on BirdingNZ is very much appreciated.

I may never achieve a consensus on what this petrel is but I now know that for all future beach wrecks I need to take a lot more photographs and also to add something in for scale!

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