Chatham pelagic expedition 10-19 Dec 2022

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Chatham pelagic expedition 10-19 Dec 2022

Postby Brent Stephenson » Sat Oct 29, 2022 5:11 pm

Hi all,

Hadoram Shirihai has been in touch with me regarding a series of pelagic he and fellow sea birding enthusiast Hiroyuki Tanoi are doing in just over a month. Below is the info. Please respond to Hadoram directly at

"We can take with us two or three more participants on the first Chatham Expedition, aiming for the Taiko/Magenta Petrel, as the prime target, but also to study many others, including the Pyramid Prion (and another unidentified prion that I located earlier).

It is not commercial birding pelagic, but purely research one, and we all share equally the costs. At the moment it is only Hiroyuki and me that share the December expedition, 10-19 Dec 2022. And we pay just for the boat 6000 NZD per day, and we aiming to do at least 5 days of the 10 days, depending on the ocean conditions, but if we have two more people we might conduct works in 10 days, if the ocean condition will permit it.

Anyone is part of the expedition will be part of the team, and also co-author in any related publication of the expedition results. "
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