SPRING 2024 : The Petrel Station pelagic seabird tours, Tutukaka, New Zealand

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SPRING 2024 : The Petrel Station pelagic seabird tours, Tutukaka, New Zealand

Postby ourspot » Sun Dec 17, 2023 7:44 pm

The Petrel Station seabird tours SPRING 2024 dates have been released (September to December) – you can check out the tour dates at: www.thepetrelstation.nz

In the spring months all the local breeding seabird species are back in the area in great numbers so there’s always lots of activity on the water. Buller’s Shearwater and Fairy Prion are around in the thousands and are a spectacular birdwatching experience seeing them in the massive feeding workups. Also it’s prime migration time for seabirds heading back through on the way to their southern ocean breeding areas and we've had plenty of scarcer species put in an appearance at this time of year. The Grey Noddy (Ternlet) usually begin to return in December too. Check out the 'Seabirds' and 'Trip reports' sections of The Petrel Station website to see what species have been recorded during this season.

If you’re interested in coming out on a pelagic birding tour to The Petrel Station then get in touch – it’s always a great day out birdwatching. And the best way to experience these stunning seabirds is out on the ocean, in their world :)

The tours are based offshore from Tutukaka, in Northland, New Zealand.

Scott Brooks
The Petrel Station pelagic seabird tours and research
Tutukaka, New Zealand

P : 021 322 324
E : seabirds@thepetrelstation.nz
Facebook : www.facebook.com/thepetrelstation
Instagram : www.instagram.com/thepetrelstation

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