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Summer Tutukaka Pelagic Seabird 'Dusk' Trip - Saturday 11th Jan 2020

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:27 pm
by ourspot
Hi all

This summer's Tutukaka Pelagic Seabird Trip is going to be one of our special dusk trips where we plan to finish the trip parked up close to the Poor Knights Islands to witness the arrival of thousands of Buller’s Shearwaters as they return to their burrows at dusk. It’s a fantastic sight.

The trip is scheduled for Saturday 11th January 2020 (currently 3 spaces left).

We’ll depart from Tutukaka later than normal (at about midday or 1pm - to be confirmed) and head straight out to our usual deep spot for a few hours. Then we’ll head back into the Poor Knights Islands an hour or two before sunset to have a look for the Grey Noddy’s and other seabirds around the islands. After that we’ll park up at the Poor Knights Islands, chuck some nice sausages on the BBQ, have some drinks and wait for the Buller’s Shearwaters to do their thing. We will return back to the Tutukaka marina in the dark approx 10.00 - 10.30pm.

This trip is a great opportunity to spend a full day on the water and enjoy seeing a variety of pelagic seabirds including shearwaters, petrels, albatrosses, mollymawks and storm-petrels. Naturally there’s no guarantee on what seabirds will be present (as it depends on the season, migrations etc) but that’s part of the excitement.

Should be a great experience! This is the only summer trip I'm running this season.

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The trip costs are shared amongst the people on board, so the final cost per person isn’t finalised until closer to the trip date when numbers on board are confirmed. The maximum number is 9 people. The trip really needs a minimum of 7 people to make costs feasible or it won’t go ahead (currently 6 are booked). This trip includes some nice sausages and a couple of drinks at the islands, but you'll need to provide your own food, drink and other supplies for the rest of the trip.

Trip costs (based on how many are on board) are:
• 9 people $180 each
• 8 people $210 each
• 7 people $250 each

A non-refundable deposit of $180 is required upon booking to secure your place on the trip and then any balance will be sorted closer to the trip date when numbers are confirmed. If the trip is cancelled due to adverse conditions then all money paid will be refunded.

The skipper and I will be checking the weather/swell conditions and will make a call 2 to 3 days out from the trip as to whether to go ahead or not.

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Let me know if you’re keen or if have any questions about the trip.

Scott Brooks
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Re: Summer Tutukaka Pelagic Seabird 'Dusk' Trip - Saturday 11th Jan 2020

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:51 pm
by ourspot
Hi all

The Tutukaka Pelagic Seabird trip on Saturday Saturday 11th January 2020 is now FULL.

Let me know if you'd to go on the waitlist.

Cheers Scott
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