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Priority Alerts

Posted: Sat May 28, 2011 5:25 pm
by Neil Fitzgerald
You've been asking for SMS alerts of rare bird sightings, and now you have it. This is how it works: our team of tireless moderators will keep an eye on the Bird Sightings and Alerts forum and copy the important bits of the best sightings to the new Priority Alerts sub-forum.
txt "follow birdingnznet" to 8987 to get started.
Q. Why isn't it open for everyone to post to?
A. Because the messages will be sent as text messages, we want to ensure only the most relevant info is sent, and that it is done in less than 140 characters. Twitter will truncate anything longer.

Messages may take up to 30 min to be received. Twitter changed the way it works late last year and I've been unable to find a way around it.

Any thoughts or suggestions?