Poll: Emails or Web Posts?

BirdingNZ.net problems, tips, feature suggestions etc.

How do you prefer to discuss birding - email newsgroup, or visit the website forum?

Poll ended at Sat Jul 18, 2009 8:30 am

Email - I prefer every entire message delivered to me (e.g. BIRDING-NZ Yahoo Group)
Email but wiling to change - I prefer email, but happy to change for the other advantages of a website
Forum - I prefer to visit a website when it suits me (e.g. this site)
Unsure - I just don't know yet, so I'm going to try it and see
Total votes: 31
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Shane McPherson
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Re: Poll: Emails or Web Posts?

Postby Shane McPherson » Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:54 pm

I have had to vote on the "Unsure"

I may have to, if allowed, add another vote once i've had a chace to test drive

forum for the discussions, although I find it a hassle to get each and every Birding-NZ group email into my inbox, and filter thru to find ones I am interested in, the inteerest is grteat enough to now unregister and avoid. I find that a few of my avian scientist mates are just too busy, and have just too many emails to be bothered filtering to find their key interests.

The ideal format in my view:
What I hope the forum can deliver is to be able to have immediate emails sent top me when a new thread or post is created in a specific topic: RARE BIRD ALERTS. I would much rather read discussions on all other matter on the website when I have time to browse.

Only the technical and more complicated setup, the forum, can do this.
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Neil Fitzgerald
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Re: Poll: Emails or Web Posts?

Postby Neil Fitzgerald » Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:31 pm

Thanks for all the feedback, it has been very useful. We don't even need to let the poll run full term to see that there are plenty of people who might benefit from getting messages sent to them by email. We have tried a few things over the past few weeks, and I think what we have come up with will go a long way to meeting the needs of most.
We now have the ability for registered members to choose whether or not they get messages to the Bird Sightings and Alerts forum by email. If you want a break from the messages, you have full control over it. I have started a thread with instructions.
The messages are sent as plain text—no images, nothing fancy—so they will be as easy as possible to get on portable devices and slow internet connections.
Members posting to the Bird Sightings and Alerts forum can choose to not have their message sent to the email group if for any reason they don't want it sent that way.
Emails sent the the Email alerts group will also go to BIRDING-NZ, so if there are people there who have not subscribed here they might still benefit.
This email option is only given for the Bird Sightings and Alerts forum, so members most concerned with these topics will not be bothered by the discussions in other areas.

Again, thanks for the feedback so far, and keep it coming :D

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