Japanese/Latham's Snipe

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Japanese/Latham's Snipe

Postby Suzi » Sun Jun 07, 2020 10:16 am

95% sure I saw a Japanese Snipe this morning (about 9.20am) on our property in Upper Waiwera.

(I have seen Snipe before on birding trips in Queensland and Equador).

It was mottled brown with a white belly and the long beak particularly caught my eye - very surprised to see a wader here.

It was flushed with 4 Pukeko when I went to feed our dairy goat bucks who occupy two small scrubby paddocks on the edge of our bush. These have boggy wet patches and are in a sheltered area, next to the neighbour's very tussocky, damp paddocks. 150m below in the valley is a large wetland area, rushes etc

When flushed it flew right, onto the neighbour's property, and I'm unable to see it there.

I wonder if it is part of an eruption of Snipe from northeast Australia which I see has happened before.
phil hammond
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Re: Japanese/Latham's Snipe

Postby phil hammond » Sun Jun 07, 2020 11:22 am

When you flushed it, if it flew in a zigzag manner that would be another indication of a snipe sp

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