Kermadec Islands Seabird Adventure – March/April 2021

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Kermadec Islands Seabird Adventure – March/April 2021

Postby ourspot » Thu Mar 25, 2021 7:51 am

Tomorrow morning (26th March) a group of 13 very excited, super keen New Zealand birders will be heading off on an epic 11 day pelagic seabird adventure to the rarely visited seabird mecca that is the New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands. The chain of tiny islands is approx 1,000km north east of mainland New Zealand and takes 2.5 days by sea to get there.

While we’ll be spending some time around the various islands to witness the mass breeding seabirds spectacle (in the millions), our main focus is to spend lots of our time far offshore to observe and get an understanding of what other species may be present in the area well away from the islands – and hopefully add to the knowledge of what’s up there in the area at New Zealand’s northern most limits. As far as I know a trip like this isn’t been done before so who knows what we may find!

I’ve been wanting to organise one of these trips for a couple of years now so after a huge amount of planning I’m very excited it’s actually happening (not that the recent huge Kermadec earthquakes and a Covid-19 lockdown haven’t tried to get in the way!). I was hoping to do regular updates of what we find as we explore around up there though it looks like there’ll be no internet access available so any reports may have to wait until we return in April.

I’m really hoping to organise another Kermadec Islands trip in late March / early April 2022 so if anyone is interested please get in touch. It’s not a cheap trip but it’s one you’ll never forget :)

Scott Brooks
Kermadec Islands and Tutukaka ‘Petrel Station’ Pelagic organiser
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Re: Kermadec Islands Seabird Adventure – March/April 2021

Postby philbattley » Thu Mar 25, 2021 10:34 am

We'll be eagerly awaiting epic news on your return!

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