Gisborne pelagic report 17 July 2022

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Gisborne pelagic report 17 July 2022

Postby sav » Tue Jul 19, 2022 3:38 pm

Hi all,

Unfortunately the windy forecast for Saturday put paid to that pelagic, but the second day (Sunday 17th July) was a cracking day on the water. Twelve intrepid birders - mostly from Gisborne and Hawkes Bay - left Gisborne at 0700, returning just before 1700, with the brilliant Touchwood Charters.

The weather was excellent, with just enough wind and a slight swell.

For most the highlights would have been the 4 or 5 GREY PETRELS, or the 7 species of albatross, but I think the top bird for me was a brief, but close, GREY-BACKED STORM-PETREL, which was by far my Northernmost sighting and a North Island first for me.

Bird List. Estimated number (max at any one time)

Southern Royal Albatross. 1 (1)
Northern Royal Albatross 3 (1)
NZ Wandering Albatross (aka Gibson’s Albatross, aka Antipodean Albatross) 5 (2)
Black-browed Albatross 5 (2)
(Campbell Albatross 0 (0) – but I wouldn’t be surprised if photos prove me wrong)
White-capped (aka Shy) Albatross 15 (3)
Salvin’s Albatross 8 (2)
Buller’s Albatross 3 (1)
Northern Giant Petrel 2 (1)
Cape Petrel 50 (27)
Grey-faced Petrel 15 (2)
Fairy Prion 150 (100) – only a handful close by.
Fluttering Shearwater 50 (10)
GREY-BACKED STORM-PETREL 1 (1) all too brief, but close.
Common Diving Petrel 10 (3)

Black-browed Albatross - Malcolm Rutherford
IMGP7421.jpg (181.46 KiB) Viewed 450 times
Grey Petrel - Malcolm Rutherford
IMGP7620.jpg (142.29 KiB) Viewed 450 times
Buller's Albatross - Lindsay Bates
IMG_0669.jpeg (137.31 KiB) Viewed 450 times
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