Petrel Station Trip Report (10 Dec 2022) : Goulds & White-naped Petrels, Chatham Alby, SPS and LT Skuas !!

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Petrel Station Trip Report (10 Dec 2022) : Goulds & White-naped Petrels, Chatham Alby, SPS and LT Skuas !!

Postby ourspot » Sun Dec 11, 2022 7:04 pm

What a way to finish 2022, with a bunch of super scarce vagrant seabirds turning up!! We had another outstanding day out at the 'Petrel Station' on the latest Tutukaka Pelagic Seabird trip (in northern New Zealand). Conditions on the day were overcast, with steady 10 knot winds throughout the day, and a 2m swell.

The highlights of the trip were:
- A Gould's Petrel
- A White-naped Petrel
- A Chatham Albatross
- A South Polar Skua
– A Long-tailed Skua
– The Grey Noddys (Ternlets) are back for summer :)

The Gould's Petrel is a new species for the 'Petrel Station' trips, and we've now recorded 48 different tube-nose seabird species, and 65 seabird species in total!

During the trip we saw 29 different seabird species, and enjoyed watching over 32,000 stunning seabirds in total!

You can see some loads of images from the day at:

Scott Brooks
Tutukaka ‘Petrel Station’ Pelagics organiser

P : 021 322 324
E :
Insta :
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Here’s the full trip results:
1 x Northern Royal Albatross
1 x Wandering Albatross (Exulans)
2 x NZ Wandering Albatross (1 Gibson's, 1 Antipodes)
1 x Chatham Mollymawk
2 x Buller's Mollymawk
10,000 x Fairy Prion
1 x Grey-faced Petrel
1 x White-necked Petrel
120 x Cook's Petrel
1 x Gould's Petrel
2 x Pycroft's Petrel
40 x Black Petrel
120 x Flesh-footed Shearwater
20,000 x Buller's Shearwater
300 x Fluttering Shearwater
6 x Little Shearwater
5 x Sooty Shearwater
7 x Short-tailed Shearwater
20 x White-faced Storm-Petrel
3 x New Zealand Storm-Petrel
80 x Common Diving-Petrel
1 x South Polar Skua
1 x Long-tailed Skua
1,200 x Australasian Gannet
20 x Grey Noddy (Ternlet)
1 x White-fronted Tern
900 x Red-billed Gull
4 x Black Backed Gull
42 x Pied Shag

Other Marine Life:
- Pod of Common Dolphins
– Whale (unknown sp)
Gould's Petrel_TPST_Dec22_Dave Howes_LR.jpg
Gould's Petrel_TPST_Dec22_Dave Howes_LR.jpg (146.95 KiB) Viewed 289 times
South Polar Skua_TPST_Dec22_Scott Brooks_LR_DSC_3324.jpg
South Polar Skua_TPST_Dec22_Scott Brooks_LR_DSC_3324.jpg (326.05 KiB) Viewed 289 times
Chatham Mollymawk_TPST_Dec22_Scott Brooks_LR_DSC_3634.jpg
Chatham Mollymawk_TPST_Dec22_Scott Brooks_LR_DSC_3634.jpg (569.65 KiB) Viewed 289 times

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