Brown Booby at Black Reef, Cape Kidnappers

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Pat Miller
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Brown Booby at Black Reef, Cape Kidnappers

Postby Pat Miller » Thu Jan 14, 2016 9:46 pm

Hi Folks,
Walked to Cape Kidnappers today and on the way back about 5pm (low tide was at 3.33pm) there was a Brown Booby on one of the Black Reef rocks at the edge of the gannets. It was on the Black Reef rock with gannets that is furthest from the shore. With the tide as it was today I could have walked out to the rock as close as I wanted to with just a little wading. I watched it from about 50 metres away. A lovely bird. Before anybody asks, no I didn't take a photo.

This must be why I dipped on the Muriwai one 4 times last summer. The universe had it in mind to let me find my own one 9 months later! I talked to a couple of the tractor drivers who came along just as We were leaving and they used my binoculars to have a look and one said it had been there for a couple of days but he thought it was just a shag.

High tide this morning was 9.35am and we started walking at 11.45am. There was a bit of a tricky stretch that early, but we got past it without wading and near the Black Reef on the way out met 3 people who had gone earlier than us, and we're on their way back. They had had to wade a bit. 3 hours after high tide is the officially recommended time to start walking.


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