Bittern - Lake Rotokauri

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Liam Ballard
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Bittern - Lake Rotokauri

Postby Liam Ballard » Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:26 pm

Just got back from a mornings birding at Lake Rotokauri, 15 minutes out of Hamilton. I arrived at ~7:30, and enjoyed a good few hours until 12 ish. Bird of the day was most certainly Bittern, with two birds booming in different spots and two more flushed by clumsy me :) . Sadly I was too slow for a photo, but bitterns are pretty blinkin unmistakable so I hope you will trust me.
Interestingly, both flushed birds were 1 after the other, first bird flying at about 10 and the second 5 minutes after. Not the same bird though as one was much greyer and in 2 different spots.

Racked up 32 species total, lots of passerines plus 2 Spotless Crakes, some Coots, WF herons and usuals like Mallards and Black Swans. Will post full ebird checklist shortly.

No dabchick surprisingly, but regardless this seems like a fantastic spot so close to town, and might be a good stop on future big days...

Please feel free to PM me for details
Liam Ballard

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Re: Bittern - Lake Rotokauri

Postby Jim_j » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:16 pm

Nice to hear there are some close to Hamilton - given it is the middle of the breeding season though minimal disturbance of birds would probably be best....


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