Hauraki Plains Cattle Egrets

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phil hammond
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Hauraki Plains Cattle Egrets

Postby phil hammond » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:32 pm

In most [probably all] winters there is a Cattle Egret Flock in farmland at the base of the Firth of Thames, usually between Waitakaruru and Kopu.

Yesterday at around 2 pm there were 15 of them just north of the end of Campbell rd, off SH25, most of them roosting in a bare tree. The site is viewable from the new cycleway

Also in that area there is a new but temporary wetland, created by paddocks being flooded as a result of a burst stopbank along the local river in the big storms last summer/autumn. It's temporary because the stopbank will be repaired and the paddocks returned to grazing. A local farmer told me that probably wont happen until next summer. In the meantime 100's of waders gather there particularly on a small tide. Yesterday there were good numbers of Wrybill, Godwits, SIPO, and Stilts, plus a lot of Red-billed gulls and 36 R Spoonbills----a good place to look for Black-tailed Godwit!

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Re: Hauraki Plains Cattle Egrets

Postby Clinton9 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:28 am

I was there on 1/4/18 to birdwatching the cattle egrets...see the photo

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