Melanistic Sacred Kingfisher, near Whakatane

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Melanistic Sacred Kingfisher, near Whakatane

Postby Michael Szabo » Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:46 am

Rochelle Vanstone has posted more amazing photos of the melanistic Sacred Kingfisher that she found towards the end of Bunyan's Road, Coastlands, Whakatane back in July. These latest photos were taken in a horse paddock about 300 metres from the original sighting location. She says that she has been seeing the bird there over the past two weeks and that the bird has been viewable from the road.

Link to photo: ... e=5BF1FB2F

Link to Photo: ... e=5BF75F00

Lonk to photo: ... e=5C2F6DEB

Link to photo: ... e=5C293D18
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