Tutukaka Pelagic October 7.

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Re: Tutukaka Pelagic October 7.

Postby Les Feasey » Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:21 pm

Sorry all,
I was up at Parengarenga trying to find a godwit and missed the fun (and the godwit). Thanks for kicking in Igor and yes, I agree, there were loads of Little Shears, mostly in ones and twos or small groups but really constant from the Harbour to the Poor Knights. We were moving at pace in rough choppy seas so I couldn't stand, just hanging on, so missed out on photos.
In answer to your query, Sav, about other sites where there are lots of Little shears, I pretty sure I saw that once out of Whangaroa. They nest on Stephenson's islands and at certain times of year there are quite big numbers up there. They don't come near the boat so getting a photo is a trick. I see that Oscar did it, though.
Les Feasey
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