Magenta Petrel about 20 nm off Bounty Islands, 19 Oct

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Paul Sagar
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Magenta Petrel about 20 nm off Bounty Islands, 19 Oct

Postby Paul Sagar » Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:29 pm

Apologies for the late listing but we only returned to port late last night.

I participated in a research trip to the Bounty Islands 17-24 Oct, departing from and returning to Dunedin aboard the Evohe. During most of the transit time I was able to complete 10-minute seabird counts hourly from the stern of the yacht. During a count beginning at 14:30h on 19 Oct when we were at 47 34.68S 178 21.14E (about 20 nautical miles west of the Bounty Islands) a Magenta petrel flew across our wake within 50m of the vessel. The stunningly vivid black head, chin, throat and underwing contrasted sharply with the white belly and undertail. An amazing sight so close to the boat. The bird flew in from the north-east and continued flying into the prevailing south-westerly.

Grey petrels were seen during most of the counts between 174 30E and the Bounty Islands.

A UBR for the Magenta petrel will be submitted to the Birds NZ Records Assessment Committee shortly, and the full results of the 10-minute seabird counts will be inputted to eBird.

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