Yellowheads and Cuckoos in the Marlborough Sounds.

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Re: Yellowheads and Cuckoos in the Marlborough Sounds.

Postby Jim_j » Sun Apr 07, 2019 12:23 pm

Thanks Bill - I was hoping you would add a comment!
Have their been any 1080 drops in the area that might have supppressed predators enough for Mohusa to hold on?

While the general consensus is that birds were wiped out from Mt Stokes that of course doesn't mean every last bird - when the population is reduced to a handful it obviously becomes more difficult to find any left - we're talking a small bird that spends most of its time in the canopy after all inhabiting mostly untracked bush.
I know they were thought to be long gone from the Lewis Pass area - but apparently there are now recent reports.
I find reports of Yellowhead in these sorts of area much more reliable than the hidden population of SI Kokako that apparently inhabit every second bush remnant throughout the SI.

Good luck with the search - my bet is they are decendants of the Dart Valley birds released on the Chetwodes


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