Dabchicks - Western Springs, Auckland

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Dabchicks - Western Springs, Auckland

Postby Nakilad » Sat Aug 17, 2019 3:23 pm

This morning I saw four dabchicks feeding at Western Springs. One was within meters of the lake edge, the others were in the middle of the lake so I couldn't tell if they were a family or not. It was a treat to see one up close. The spoonbills were also roosting in their trees, and quite a few people were taking photos of them. If you were one of them can you confirm if you saw the dabchicks as well? I don't see them there very often,if at all. I also saw a pied shag battling to swallow a large-ish eel.

Also, as instructed at the last Auckland NZ Birds meeting, I reprimanded a guy who was heading toward the geese with a loaf of perfectly good bread. I did recently find out that parks maintenance contractors go around the park in breeding season destroying eggs to try and control the geese numbers. It's something I guess.
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Re: Dabchicks - Western Springs, Auckland

Postby RussCannings » Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:09 am

Hi Nakalid,

I've only stopped by there a couple times but usually see 1 or 2 pairs of dabchick (they raised 'grebelets' there last summer I believe).

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