Little Tern/Enbankment rd

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Little Tern/Enbankment rd

Postby mikullashbee » Tue Sep 24, 2019 3:16 pm

This morning while out looking for waders at the Embankment rd entrance of lake Ellesmere I had a Little Tern fly over calling constantly. A call I am not that familiar with so I got my camera on it quick and it was a Little Tern. My first one on the South Island. It gave a relatively brief appearance, a hundred odd meters from the lakes edge over the flooded area along the fence line, before continuing in the direction of Wolfes rd. I did manage a record shot of the bird that I will attach here.
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Re: Little Tern/Enbankment rd

Postby Adam C » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:26 am

The Little Tern was present this morning at Embankment road. Flew past quite close but then settled with a bunch of spur winged plover and wouldn't let me get closer than about 300 -400yards. Some very fuzzy long distance shots attached.

Not a lot else other than a decent gang of 27 dark legged Stint (presumed all RNS). The Lake level has definitely dropped!

No sign of the Marsh Sand but a lot of birds visible on the flats down at Jarvis road end. Everything was very spooky this morning but there was a vehicle in front of me so they may have seen more than I did although I didn't catch up with driver/birder.
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