possible Cuculus Cuckoo near Christchurch today

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possible Cuculus Cuckoo near Christchurch today

Postby andrewcrossland » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:31 pm

Hi folks, probably long gone and never to be seen again, but this morning while driving near Ladbrooks School, in the vicinity of Tai Tapu and Halswell SE of Christchurch, a bird that just had to be an Oriental Cuckoo or a similar species flew east to west across the road and disappeared through some trees. At first instant I thought "cool, a Long-tailed Cuckoo, don't see them in the Canterbury countryside very often, and then moments later, I thought, "wait a minute, that was a long tail but not long enough for a Long-tailed Cuckoo, in size and structure it looked like an Oriental/Eurasian Cuckoo or maybe one of the longer tailed medium-sized Australian ones. I went back a little later and listened for a while but nothing heard. Phil Crutchley and Niall Mugan were going to have a look later. Anyway, just in case anyone feels lucky and wants to chance their luck the location is shown on the map and photo below: Near corner of Mcdrurys Road and Leadleys Rd.

cuckoo map.JPG
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Cuckoo 1.JPG
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