Gull-billed Terns Nesting

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Steve Wood
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Re: Gull-billed Terns Nesting

Postby Steve Wood » Tue Jan 07, 2020 10:49 pm

Hi Neil,

As far as I'm aware David has it correct, however NZBO does mention the two ssp but not in any up- to- date detail:
"The Australian form macrotarsa visits New Zealand periodically. The Asian form affinis is regularly seen in Australia and could potentially occur here too."

With respect, NZBO, which is a fantastic resource and great effort by all involved,it is unfortunately particularly slow with any major updates in changing taxonomy, which I see as essential and will require regular updates which aren’t forthcoming.

South Georgian Diving Petrel page is another example that is very much in need of an update???

Stewart Island Shag…. doesn’t exist any more!........still yet to be updated, especially for all the new overseas birders coming with their UP-TO-DATE checklists.

This in turn could also have a knock-on effect with inaccurate e-bird reports. It seems we can't all be on the same page which is a real shame.
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Neil Fitzgerald
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Re: Gull-billed Terns Nesting

Postby Neil Fitzgerald » Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:04 pm

Yes, NZBO follows the NZ Checklist, which is in need of an update. Colin knows this. But, I'm not sure that religiously following an overseas list is always the best answer either.
If "Aus tern" has just been elevated from subspecies to species, that's just a name change and should have no impact on correctly identifying taxon, as long as the correct ssp is used.
I guess Ian could add the name Australian tern for macrotarsa on his NZBO page.
Will Parsons
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Re: Gull-billed Terns Nesting

Postby Will Parsons » Sun Mar 08, 2020 7:11 pm

Coming back from D'Urville Island I was informed by the ferryman that gull-billed tern are seen regularly around Kapowai and French Pass and have breed regularly in the last 2 years. He believes he has positively identified re books.

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