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John Winters
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Postby John Winters » Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:51 am

Have had very consistent views of falcon over the last few weeks, more than we regularly have.
Neighbour last week saw it take out a Tui, I have seen it swooping at the ducks on the Maraetotara River here.
I was watching it with binos in a willow, when it did a long, low swooping run down the river, ducks diving in all directions, but it got nothing.
This morning it was giving a Harrier a constant chase around over an open paddock.
To my eye it is potentially a female sub adult, it’s definitely bigger than previous birds but not fully adult plumage down the front. But there has also been a younger bird here earlier.
With the consistency and aggression, I am wondering if it is setting up territory, they are harvesting the pines up the back of the farm, so it may be displaced.
Time will tell, but it is fun viewing just out the window.


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