Channel-billed cuckoo report, Wellington

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Colin Miskelly
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Channel-billed cuckoo report, Wellington

Postby Colin Miskelly » Fri Mar 08, 2019 8:33 pm

Hi all

I have this evening been sent an email reporting a possible channel-billed cuckoo heard in Karori:

"A few weeks ago my partner and I heard a bird call that we both thought sounded a lot like a channel-billed cuckoo. I am Australian and I am familiar with this bird's call.

We heard it again a few days ago and are very confident it is a channel bill.

We live at the west end of Nottingham Street in Karori and there is a lot of bush about. We've listened to recordings of NZ birds like the kaka (which we see regularly) but none of them come close to the distinctive and very loud raucous squawk of a channel bill."

Nga mihi

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