Brown Teal in Te Aroha

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Brown Teal in Te Aroha

Postby RussCannings » Sat Nov 09, 2019 7:55 pm

Earlier this year I was thrilled to find a single Brown Teal at the Morrinsville sewage lagoons (possibly the furthest south Waikato record in many decades). That bird did not stick around and it's fate--unknown. On Friday evening I checked out the Te Aroha sewage lagoons (Accessible via gravel track just north of Te Aroha, west of the hwy. It is a public access to the Hauraki Rail Trail cycle-way so access is not nearly as sketchy as other poo ponds around the country!)-----and anyway, there was a single Brown Teal. Like the Miranda birds (and Tim's Little Waihi teal), I would assume these birds are dispersing out of the (robust?) north Coromandel/Great Barrier populations. Not sure if this indicates population growth or simply better coverage but interesting to think about.

Also a first for the site was a lone spoonbill (not bad for a small concrete-fringed poo tank!)

This spot is worth a check for anyone passing through. Check out the hotspot info here:


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