New Zealand birding information on the net

Identification help and bird calls

New Zealand Birds Online: A comprehensive encyclopaedia of New Zealand birds. Features 'Identify that bird' photographic key, detailed bird lists (including ticklists) for over 150 localities, thousands of photos and sound files, and extracts from six core New Zealand bird texts.


What Bird?: An identification tool for native and exotic birds likely to be encountered in and around NZ forests.

Xeno-canto Australasia: A community database of shared bird sounds from Australasia and the Pacific.

Macaulay Library: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Macaulay Library has sound recordings of birds (and other animals) from around the world.


Birds New Zealand / The Ornithological Society of New Zealand: New Zealand's national bird study organisation. The OSNZ journal Notornis is available online, with full access for OSNZ members, and issues more than 3 years old freely available to all.


Unusual Bird Reports (UBRs): A searchable database of summary data associated with submitted UBRs. The Birds New Zealand Records Appraisal Committee (RAC) formally assesses and verifies sightings of rare and unusual birds in the NZ region. Sightings of reportable rare birds can be submitted to the RAC using the online Unusual Bird Report form.

Department of Conservation: The New Zealand government agency responsible for the protection of New Zealand's natural heritage. DOC's National Banding Office coordinates bird banding in NZ.

Northern New Zealand Seabird Trust: A non-profit trust established to support funding and understanding of seabirds and the ecosystems they inhabit throughout northern New Zealand, the Three Kings Islands and the Kermadec Islands.

Tour operators

Albatross Encounter, Kaikoura: Pelagic bird tours off the Kaikoura Peninsula.


E-Ko tours: Tours to Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary and marine mammal tours.

Driftwood Eco-tours: Bird watching and eco-tours throughout Marlborough.

Eco Wanaka Adventures: Guided cruise/walks to the predator free island of Mou Waho in Lake Wanaka.

Okarito Kiwi Tours: Low-impact, low-key personalised guiding trips into the Tai Poutini National Park to see Okarito brown kiwi (rowi).

Petrel Colony Tours: Guided tours to the worlds only breeding grounds of the Westland petrel (Procellaria westlandica), the largest mainland burrow-nesting petrel. Close views can be obtained from a walkway and viewing shelter.

Wrybill Birding Tours, NZ: 21-day New Zealand-wide tours and customised birding information, small groups with experienced leaders. Great Birds, Real Birders.

Gear guides


The ultimate buying guide to binoculars: Lots of info on choosing binoculars for birding (and other, less interesting activities).


iNaturalistNZ: An Online recording system for all your NZ bird sightings (and other animals, plants and fungi). Previously known as NatureWatchNZ, iNaturalistNZ is run by the New Zealand Bio-Recording Network Trust to provide a New Zealand portal into the global iNaturalist system.


New Zealand eBird: An online checklist program which allows you to record and view your NZ bird observations. eBird has been developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society.

Newsgroups and forums


BIRDING-NZ: The BIRDING-NZ Yahoo Group is a valuable archive of New Zealand bird sightings and birding information.

Other sites of interest


Young Birders NZ: A site developed by some of our enthusiastic young birders for like-minded Kiwis.


New Zealand Birds: Info on NZ birds, birding locations and more.


NZ On Screen: A collection of award-winning television shows from three decades of Natural History New Zealand productions.

New Zealand Falcon: Submit details of NZ falcon observations and find information about our endemic falcon.

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